Our Story

Hello beautiful soul! 

Thank you for stopping by to know about us!

Our Story:

It began as a couple with head full of ideas and heart filled with love! 

Crystals have been part of our life from ages. As  kids, we were taught rituals on how to use these beautiful rocks and receive the energy they radiate . 

Having been around with crystals for so long we have experianced them in many ways. Often our friends and dear ones asked us about the rocks and their influence on us.

With our knowledge, we helped many sad souls to understand life and live in harmony with the universe. 

In our culture, here in India, we believe in "Vasudaiva kutumbakam" which means entire world is your family. 

What started as just helping out people of our circle with these pieces of earth, soon developed as an idea to serve the family of world!

And thus came the existence of Tru Crystals. Our first ever eCommerce shop that we planned for months together, day and night.

We promise a True healing crystal store that sells highly energized healing crystals to the world. 

Ours is a family operated, home based store. Every time you purchase an item we will do a happy dance, thanking you for the support (which is much needed)

Your purchase will just not help us, but help little girls who is waiting for universe to answer.  

Shop with us and help us spread the love and positivity to the world! 

Remember: Every item you purchase is universe answering our prayers and yours too! 

Happy shopping! 

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