Healing Crystals

Every stone in our store has its own story. 

It may be the crystal’s  sheer beauty, uniqueness or mystery  

Whatever it is, it made us feel something positive. 

We trust you feel it as well!

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Living Space Full Of Positive Vibes

Bring that never ending positive and happy vibes today, with our Pyramids. 

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Wondering how to choose your healing crystal?

Let us help you with that! 

Each and every crystal finds its way to its owner.

 All you need to do is to own a crystal

 that grabs your attention. 

You will know why it chose you within days!

Listen to you little inner voice!


The simplest of ways to cleanse your mind and body

 is through Healing crystals.

How do you cleanse them? 

Simplest way is to allow your crystal to rest 

In a bowl full of himalayan pink salt 

under the moonlight.

Let the natural energies cleanse it!


Wear your crystal with the affirmations &

 sense how you feel. 

Feel its vibration and energy. 

Sense the energy channelising your mind and body 

towards your desires. 

Sense the positive aura forming around you.

 Allow the crystal nurture you!

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