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This brilliant blue colored stone was referred to as the stone of gods due to its beautiful appearance by Romans and Sumerians.

Lapis Lazuli brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge. Encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression, and reveals inner truth.

lapis lazuli attracts fortune and good luck, and anyone wearing this stone will be inspired by energies which can turn all negative energies and thought into positive and constructive ones. Helping one to achieve all their inner dreams. 

This beautiful set consists of a pyramid of Lapis Lazuli for home or office and a bracelet to bring you Luck and fortune on the go. 

Pyramid size: 3 Inches

Usage Guidance: 

  • Place it near your doorway to keep your house protected. 
  • Place it on work desk to negate any stress and bring in honest work ethics
  • Place it near you to help in self-awareness, allows self-expression and to know your inner desire
  • Place it bedroom to experience quality sleep.
  • Place it near the reading desk of your kids to enhance the creativity and calmness 

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