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Amethyst Sphere: The stunning purple Amethyst is one of the most famous crystals for its beautiful and attractive colours. Amethyst is one of the most connected with Healing crystals. Amethyst stone is utilized for protection, intuition, spirituality, and helping to change bad habits or addictions.

Amethyst is a cleaning stone on numerous levels. To begin with, it sanitizes the air straightforwardly. Amethyst stones assist you in being the best form of yourself. It can assist you in unwanted and unhealthy habits and help you move into higher conditions of awareness. These habits might be physical or mental, including negative thoughts.

Usage guidance: 

  • Just place it on a table to clear the energies of your surroundings
  • When you practice Crystal Healing, you can use spheres to direct energy
  • Place it in your Meditation area to attract higher vibrations and intuition
  • Use in Altar and grids to strengthen intuitions
  • Place it with your loving plants to grow the positive energy

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