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Pyramids are for seekers of life. The three sides refer to the tri-natured aspect of God: the creator( shrushti), the preserver (sthithi) and the transformer (laya). This tri-natured aspect of God, can also be seen in the analogy of a seeker’s journey is depicted in the shape of a pyramid. While the tip is pointing to self as a minuscule point in the universe.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love. It reestablishes trust and affinity, empowering unrestricted love. 

Rose Quartz pyramid refines and opens the heart at all levels to benefit love, self-esteem, kinship, profound internal harmony and emotional balance. It assists you with immense soothing energy. Rose Quartz removes pain and protects you from negativity. 

Rose Quartz balances the heart chakra. In the crystal healing, it is used to decrease hypertension, helps heart and lung issues, mends the kidneys and adrenals, and mitigates vertigo. Rose Quartz has the ability to build richness and to shield both mother and unborn embryo from premature delivery.

Usage guidance:

  • Place it in a family room for harmony and balance in the family
  • Place it under the pillow for enhancing the love between the couple 
  • Sleep on it by keeping under the pillow if you re pregnant to bond well with your unborn baby
  • Place it in altar or meditation area to absorb the universal love
  • Place it in the kitchen to attract good energy to food and balance health

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