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Tiger’s eye

A stone of protection, Tiger Eye likewise carry good karma to the wearer. It has the ability to clear mind allowing you to take clear cut decisions. It helps you to determine issues unbiasedly and unclouded by feelings.

The tiger eye stone is especially valuable for healing psychosomatic ailments, warding of fear, depression and anxiety. Adjusting yin-yang or the male and female energy in one’s body also known as Ida and Pingala in yoga & Ayurveda, the stone stimulates the body in the right way and balances out emotional mood swings, increase determination, boldness and self-assurance, and releases stress. 

Tiger Eye treats eyes, throat and reproductive organs reduce anxiousness and are useful in fixing broken bones and balances chakra.

Usage guidance:

  • Place it in the work area to reduce the stress
  • Place it in the bedroom for good stimulation and bondage between a couple
  • Place it at the main door to protect the house from evil
  • Place it meditation area to increase motivation, boldness and self-awareness. 

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