Healing crystal shapes and what do they mean?

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Healing crystal shapes and what do they mean?

Utilizing crystals and gems for their mystical energy and healing properties can be fun and enticing.
Also, using these natural stones and crystals filled with energy is a stellar method to interface with the universal vitality. In any case, when you truly begin diving into the magical universe of these sparkling crystals and stones, it can be truly overpowering. 
In addition to the fact that crystals and gems come in various shades of the rainbow and intended for different needs, they are additionally found in different shapes and sizes.
Novices to the world of healing crystals may think the manner in which a stone is cut or formed is simply attractive, however, there's more to a healing crystal's shape that meets the eye.
Similarly, as the shades of the crystals and gems pass on special meanings, crystals shape is an additional thing that matters. Keeping in mind that crystal specialists state that the shape and structure of a gem don’t change the energy and vibrations it releases, the shape Definitely influences the manner in which you get said energy from the stone! 
Realizing how each shape can assist you and enhance your experience with crystals and gems will help you a big deal!
Read on to know what each shape means and how it can enhance healing abilities. 

Crystal Points:

Crystal points are one of the most normally used and advantageous shapes to work with. As its name suggests, having a crystal point around keeps you sharp and on point. 
A point is your mysterious BFF at any point of life when you have to remain uber-balanced. 
The most common name of 'point' crystals would be a generator. Generators are crystals and gems with a sharp point, with six equivalent sides and six equivalent faces that lead to that pointy tip. 
Another 'focal point' ;) is a crystal point with double terminated points, which diverts energy in two ways on the double and gives a bridge between two vitality sources. 
Points are incredible to manifest your desires, as they help to show your fantasies, wishes, and expectations at a lot quicker rate by coordinating your goal up into the universe. 


This can be any crystals and stones cut into a conventional heart shape. Healing stones hearts speak of love (no doubt there) and associate with the energy of our heart chakra. A heart-healing stone can be set over this chakra in healing work.
Concentrate your energy on your heart and envision it loading up with unadulterated cherishing light of love from the universe. 
Healing crystal hearts are amazing partners to attract adoration from others, just as fill in yourself with affection from inside!


Pyramids have four triangular sides and a square base. crystal pyramids can both anchor and direct energies. Their solid base goes about as a strong hook for your goal and the summit of the pyramid sends that goal out into the universe. 
Pyramids are executioner devices for both manifesting and enhancing energy. Regardless of whether it's a heap of dollar you're hoping to manifest or you're simply sending your love out into the universe, crystals and stones pyramids will take you to that next level. 
This consecrated shape has been utilized by numerous antiquated civilizations, maybe none more evidently than the old Egyptians. They accepted that pyramids symbolized the beams of the Sun.


Otherwise called Crystal Balls, spheres are sliced and cleaned to be impeccably round. Healing crystal Spheres emanate energy vitality easily and in every direction possible. The smooth evenness of healing crystal spheres brings balance, harmony, and calm energies into its surroundings. They can likewise back off and kill destructive negative energies. 
The zen vibes these healing crystal spheres radiate makes them extraordinary meditation objects, giving a profound feeling of completeness, as though you hold the world in the palm of your hand. They join all pieces of your being and interface you with the vitality of your environment. Just not that they also act as a beautiful garden decor to attract positivity in and around homes.

Worry Stones 

Worry stones are smooth, cleaned stones, in an oval shape with a thumb-sized space indentation in the middle, utilized for unwinding or uneasiness and relieve from stress. At the point when you're experiencing stress and anxiety, get your worry stone and feel those stresses soften away. 
The activity of moving one's thumb to and fro over the stone is powerful at taking your stress off whatever is the situation. Just keep it with you and hop on to experience the train of calmness. These small wonders will consistently have your back. Pop one in your brasiers, one in your pocket, one in your bag-pack or in your car - whatever puts a smile on your face - be ready.

Tumbled Stones 

Tumbled stones are an extraordinary way to begin your healing crystal experience. For a little speculation, the advantages you get from these pocket-sized dynamos are noteworthy. 
This is the most widely recognized shape and cleaned state of healing crystal out there. Little lumps of crystals and stones are tumble cleaned to give them a smooth and sparkly surface. The structure is unpredictable and sizes can vary, however, they're for the most part… small sized. 
You can without much of a stretch carry them around in your pocket or wallet, or even fold them inside your bra to assist you with interfacing with the vitality throughout the day. Having one so close, perhaps, in any event, contacting you straightforwardly, can go about as a reminder of your intention.
Hope this blog helps you to know what shape of healing crystals you need and why you are drawn to a particular one!
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