Get stoned with Healing crystals!

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Get stoned with Healing crystals!

Probably by now, you might have heard a hundred things about healing crystals and know nothing about them! Yet, fascinated about the magical and mystical world of these naturally occurring colourful crystals and stones.  It happens! 

We bring you every information you got to know about healing crystals. Get ready for a beautiful world of these healing stones!

Crystal Healing also referred to energy healing stones is utilized to treat individuals and their overall energy, by setting the healing stones close by the body, which can assist with drawing out any negative energy that is present.

There are a variety of natural gemstones and crystals which are utilized for various reasons.

From ancient to the modern new age, crystals have seen their up and downtrends. But in many cultures from Asia, like Hinduism, Chinese and Japanese, and a few parts of native Americans, we see the usage of these crystals and stones more than in any culture. 

Today, in this blog I am going to let you know how you choose your first healing crystals.

Healing crystals of differing shapes, hues and energies have caught the human creative mind for a great many years. As per the antiquated Greeks, Atlanteans utilized crystals and stones to rule their homes and city, help in farming, help with healing and birth, and energise mystic powers along with a lot more. 

Be that as it may, as a Healing crystals beginner, how are you expected to pick the correct one and the right one? 

Answer: You don't pick the Healing crystals. They pick you!

How does this work, You wonder? Let me answer!

Our vibrant world is filled with colours, and they may affect you more than you realize. They can change your mood, your behaviour, who you get attracted to and maybe even your diet(remember your dietician saying add colour to your plates!)! 

Healing crystals are no less! The colours in which they come are plenty. Each one gives out a different energy. Thus you always choose what you need and that what in the crystal world is mentioned as “You don't pick the Healing crystals. They pick you!”. It all about the energy you attract and receive. 

So how does this happen? How do I know that a crystal is calling me? 

Here is your simple guide. When you want to be the proud owner of a Healing crystal, you can follow 2 steps. 

Choose a Healing crystal with your instinct 

Utilizing this technique is easy as allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition, instead of just choosing the one first to hand. Often a precious healing stone will speak to you, despite the fact that it may not be the most "alluring or beautiful" of those in plain view. 

Be aware of what is your first reactions are. Buying crystals should never be done in a hurry, always choose your healing crystals in a calm way. Certain crystals and stones will simply get your attention. At that point ask yourself, how does that specific crystals and stones cause you to feel? 

Do you feel an attracted towards it? Does it light you up inside? The one that catches your attention is quite often the perfect vibrational twin for your energy. 

In this way, regardless of whether you need a healing stone that induces calmness, energises, make you prosperous, heal your broken heart or something different altogether, the correct healing crystal will discover you. 

Simply, trust your gut.

Choose a healing crystal by its properties 

In the event that you are searching a healing stone for a particular need or reason at that point go for a book or site that can help with data about the mystical properties of crystals and stones (wealth, security, certainty, and so forth). 

Investigate the natural properties of the crystals and stones, to locate the mineral that best suits your aim, a little research may be required,  but remember information is power! 

On our store, you'll locate the powerful metaphysical properties on each listing to relate with that crystals and stones, and we here at Trucrystals blog will cover everything you need to know about the precious healing stone. However, this our site is designed well and you can search your crystals in our “intensions” section. We have tried to cover all the popular intentions and if you find your intention aren't recorded, our search feature will list out the options for your intentions.

Once you choose your healing stone, as a beginner we suggest you work with your stone well. A few, who are sensitive to energies will feel the difference immediately while others who are working through might take days to feel any change. 

Once you know how these works and have experienced the results then we bet that never going to be the last healing stone you will own. crystals and stones will own you and make you reach your greater vibrations. 

We here at Tru Crystals, bring you healing crystal in many forms and shapes. But, energised equally to raise the vibrations of the individuals who use them. 

Explore our collection and shop what calls for you!

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