5 Healing crystals said to boost your immunity!

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5 Healing crystals said to boost your immunity!

The world is battling deadly corona, so are our medical staff across the world. We genuinely thank our medicos for the effort and work they are putting for us. 

In this blog, we will discuss crystal and stones that are known to boost our immune system in general.

No, we are not here again for another session of “pseudoscience” sayings!! We here at Trucrystals try to bring the knowledge that many claim to work. And everything that we write here is on a broad general purpose. No one should take it as the final medication and in case of any health issues, we urge you to see physicians immediately. 

Medical Disclaimer: The medical information provided here is, at best, of a general nature and cannot substitute for the advice of a medical professional. The Trucrystals makes no warranty whatsoever that any of the information is accurate.

The immune system is the body's safeguard system,  it shields you from outside bacterias like microscopic organisms, infections, parasites, etc. In the event that your resistance system isn't sound, a basic scratch can be lethal. 

This resistance system of yours is additionally affected by your feelings (outrage, emotions, and unhappiness) and by our positive and negative considerations in your life, which may fortify or debilitate it. That is the reason it's crucial to ensure that our immune system works as well as could be expected by allowing it the chance to viably battle intruders. 

A balanced way of life, sound eating routine, work out, and the utilization of crystals and gems will empower us to improve the body's safe reactions and remain solid. 

In the present mechanical society, it is astute to build up a good resistance to unwanted bacterias.  

Your kids are presented to a harmful situation where electromagnetic waves, pesticides, contamination, and innumerable other negative impacts proliferate. This introduction influences their immune system and can prompt colds, hypersensitivities, ear diseases, skin inflammation, and asthma, upsetting the two guardians and youngsters.


Amethyst is an extremely defensive stone and amazing recuperating healing crystal. It squares negative energies and has solid positive forces. It fortifies the strong immune system, just as the purging and cleaning of organs. Amethyst healing crystals are a superb blood cleanser and mitigate physical, passionate and mental agony or stress. Facilitates cerebral pains and alleviates a sleeping disorder.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Healing crystals are an amazing repeller of any kind of negative energy. It balances and energizes your Root Chakra as well as increasing your physical vitality. It defends against debilitating disease and fortifies your immune system. Provides pain relief and helps you to have a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances 


Bloodstone is another incredible healer and a magnificent blood cleanser. An excellent grounding chakra stone and protecting stone, it is also a powerful revitalizer, energy cleanser and immune stimulator for acute infections. Stimulates the flow of lymph and the metabolic processes. Removes toxins and purifies the blood; detoxifies the liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen, and bladder 


Chiastolite, otherwise called the Cross Stone, is an effective defensive stone that was utilized in old occasions to avert negative wishing and reviles. It is a brilliant stone to adjust your immune system, just as summoning defensive profound powers during sickness or injure 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is an ace healer that additionally enhances the recuperating vitality of different gems. It animates your resistant framework, brings your body into balance and ensures you against radiation. Clear Quartz likewise blends the entirety of your Chakras and adjusts your inconspicuous bodies, for example, your quality. A perfect chakra stone for all 7 chakras

We at Trucrystals, bring you highly energized crystals and gems that are a great source of energy. These crystals and gems help you in energy healing. 

Many call them as meditation crystalsreiki crystalschakra balancing stones. It is all because of the energy that they store in them during the formation. These natural stones and crystals carry universal energy that is present in every piece if this universe. 

Healing crystals have been part of many cultures and have been used for ages to treat many causes of life.

We at Trucrystals source each of the crystal and stones on our shop from known and ethical mines that we personally know. We go through each of the stones in our shop to make sure they carry energy that can be used in the various processes like chakra cleansingreiki energy healingenergy healingand many other mindfulness programs. 

Buy best healing crystals like, 

Happy buying and happy healing!

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